Begin your property investment portfolio in Queensland.

Looking for property investment advice? Were you aware that Queensland is carrying great market confidence at the moment? some of the best in Australia, in fact.

Of the ten areas recently tipped to be this year's top performers- and therefore among the best areas for self-managed-super-fund property investment-four of them are in Queensland. Particularly favoured are the Sunshine coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich and the Emerald/Galilee Basin.

The upswing in tourist numbers, a rebalancing of the market and recent price drops are all significant factors in this positive trend. So is a rising trend towards workers heading out into these areas to live- and the buildings needed to house and service them.

The rise of new infra-structure brings jobs, amenities and further economic activity- creating a fabulous investment opportunity, considered worth perusing by even the most cautious. If you were considering a self managed super fund property investment, now is the time to start looking into it.

It would be unwise to simply jump in without getting quality property investment advice. If you're not in the industry, knowing where to buy- or even where to start- can seem like an impossible task. Unless you have the substantial time and resources available to dedicate to the long process associated with SMSF investment properties, consider using a buyers agent familiar with the area to help you make the best decisions for your investment.

Don't let a lack of easily-available resources hold you back from considering SMSF property investment, either. The wonderful thing about self-managed-super-funds is that they allow you to leverage a fantastic tax incentive- arguably one of the best around- in order to begin a property investment portfolio.

SMSF property investment involves paying into a self-managed fund, not one run by the industry. You have freedom of investment, running expenses are paid by the fund [leaving you less out of pocket costs] and, of course, those attractive tax incentives. Combined with some quality property investment advice from a buyer's agent knowledgeable in this set-to-boom area of the property market, you could make the most of Queensland’s investment potential.

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